Altoona Police Department raises money for K-9 Unit

Jan 06

Altoona, WI - The Altoona Police Department is looking to add a few more hands to the crew, or rather a few more paws.  The police department announced a fundraiser to raise money for a new K-9 unit.

The department has been without a dog for almost two years.  Now police are raising money for a new one, which is expected to cost about $90,000.  That amount does also include upgrading to a new K-9 vehicle, which would make it safer for the dogs and patrol officers on duty.  The department said the police pups have a unique ability, especially when it comes to combating the local drug problem.

"Dogs do save, depending on where you're at, they save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars per year in drug related costs.  They get drugs off the streets.  When you have working K-9's that are out there doing what they need to be doing and doing that interdiction stuff, they're getting drugs off the street," said officer Anthony Helstern.

A fundraiser is scheduled for January 26 at Draganetti's in Altoona.  It will include T-shirt sales and a silent auction, and part of the restaurant sales will also be donated to the program.  The city website has all the fundraiser details.

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