Colorado Springs police dogs make a splash with fundraising calendar

Oct 15, 2017

Colorado Springs police dogs make a splash with fundraising calendar

Chewie, an explosive-detection dog with the Colorado Springs Police Department, lives his life through his nose. Whether searching the aisles of the Broadmoor World Arena before a hockey game for suspicious items or the grass along the sidewalk while on runs with his handler, the 2-year-old lab was born to work in law enforcement.


The Colorado Springs community has the opportunity to take home Chewie and the police department's 15 other K9 units as part of the department's first K-9 calendar fundraiser.


"The calendar can give the community a sense of pride in the awesome K-9s that work alongside our awesome officers," said officer Jessica Kuhn.


The calendar, which costs $15, is a full-color, 16-month calendar. Each month features a different K-9 and a short bio. Chewie is featured for January 2018, and his interests include playing ball, finding explosives and going on jobs with "Dad" - bomb squad officer Chris Chenoweth.


Proceeds from the calendar will benefit youngsters such as Cadet Sgt. Brianna Welch, a 16-year-old college student at Pikes Peak Community and a cadet with the police department's explorer program. The program offers youths ages 14½ to 21 the opportunity to explore the world of police law enforcement.


Welch joined the program because she had an interest in pursuing a college degree in law enforcement. She said she quickly realized that the program would be more than just a stepping stone towards a position with the FBI or SWAT.


Chewie, a bomb detection dog, gives his handler, CSPD K-9 Officer a hug while showing his jumping skills to the media. Chewie is one of the featured dogs on a calendar of the CSPD K-9 unit. The cost of the 2018 calendar is $15 and proceeds will go towards the CSPD Explorers Program. The Explorers Program is for youth 14 1/2 to 21 to introduce them to the career of law enforcement. 


Welch then pointed to her pants. "My pants are $77, and my shirt is $55," she said. "That's without the belt, tie and other parts of my uniform that really add up." In total, the uniforms cost $370 - the only fee cadets pay to enroll in the program.


Police hope the calendar fundraiser will eliminate the uniform cost for cadets, ensuring that the program is accessible for youth from all socioeconomic backgrounds.


"This program needs help from the community so that CSPD can continue to help them," Welch said.


Calendars are available at the Police Operations Center, 705 N. Nevada Ave., from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Friday. Mail-in order forms can be downloaded from the police department's Facebook page.


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