GoFundMe Page Set Up To Start Lewisboro PD K9 Unit

Jan 20

LEWISBORO, N.Y. -- The Lewisboro Police Department is calling upon the public to help it fund the creation of a Police K9 Unit.

"This valuable addition to our community will not be possible or successful without private funding from our citizens and business leaders," the department said Tuesday in a Facebook post .

The department has begun collecting money for the cause via a gofundme page and by Thursday night had raised more than $6,500.

According to the department's social media post, a local person has committed to the purchase and outfitting of a vehicle for the would-be K9 Unit and another has committed to the ongoing expense of the monthly in-service training. A local vet, according to the Facebook post, has offered to provide lifetime care for the dog.

"We are $19,000 away from reaching all our goals needed to create the first Lewisboro Police K9 Unit," the department's post said, adding that the animal would significantly increase services to the community.

Anyone interested in donating to the cause should visit gofundme.com

Donations can also be made directly through the Lewisboro PBA, P.O. Box 640, Cross River, NY 10518. Please mark in the memo: Lewisboro K9.  

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