Softball tournament held in honor of fallen Girard police officer Justin Leo

Dec 09, 2017

Softball tournament held in honor of fallen Girard police officer Justin Leo

The Girard Baseball Association hosted a softball tournament fundraiser at Creekside Golf Dome and had fourteen teams playing.
With more than 200 people participating, 8 of the teams were made up of different police departments from 3 different counties.

Leo's parents, Patricia and David Leo attended the event with the rest of the community.

"This is so much something that he would have loved today," said David Leo.

Justin's family, friends, and co-workers all expressed his love of sports.

"He umpired in the Girard Baseball Association for years when he was in high school and college," Patricia Leo said. "And even now when he was working, he would stop by the fields all the time and check and see if everything was ok and just stop and gab with people because that is what he liked to do."

Leo's mother also described her son's personality.

 "You give him a chance to be with people and talk with them and work with them and he was there in the forefront. And enjoyed it."

Many of Justin's friends he grew up with were there to show their support.

Matthew Watts, started playing in 'little league' with Justin when they were just 8 years old.

 "I think it shows how important he was, how much he means to us, and he always will." said Watts.  

To see all these people coming out together, wearing the same jerseys for him, I think it sends a message to everybody that
Justin will always be honored and to be honest with you it's a privilege to be able to honor him this way."

The money raised at the fundraiser will be going towards scholarship funds.


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