State moving to defend Thin Blue Line flag

Dec 11, 2017

State moving to defend Thin Blue Line flag

As a way to pay tribute to his fellow officers, retired Columbus Police Sgt. Daniel Guthrie flew the Thin Blue Line flag at his New Albany condominium.

The flag, however, violated the rules of his condo association, Rocky Ridge Condominium Complex, so he was forced to take it down.

In an effort to ensure that won’t happen again, Ohio State Reps. Anne Gonzales @OHRepGonzales and Tim Ginter @RepTimGinter came up with a bill that would prevent landlords, mobile-home parks, condo associations and the like from restricting the display of Thin Blue Line flags.

The flag, known to some as a Blue Lives Matter flag, is a black and white version of the stars and stripes with a blue line through the center. The Thin Blue Line represents police maintaining order during times of chaos.

“With individuals being able to display the flag, they will be able to display respect for officers who bravely put their lives in danger,” Ginter said.

House Bill 230 was introduced in May and passed overwhelmingly in the House on Nov. 29. It is now with the Senate. The bill would not protect other flags such as those in support of gay rights or Black Lives Matter, or even flags backing sports teams such as Ohio State.

Gonzales said she thinks the bill will raise awareness for law enforcement.

“It gives recognition to police officers, for those who are alive and those who are deceased,” she said.


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